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As the years go by at a frantic pace and the accumulation of responsibilities,
the young men who thought their music resonated throughout the world saw their dreams crumble as the hourglass flowed through time.

After fifteen years spent playing unchosen venues and reaching unsuited crowds,
they felt the urge of going back to the drawning board propelling a vision of their own

Strongly inspired from the late 1990s bands under the Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph labels,
ARISING FROM introduces you their first EP, a fast and melodic punk-rock with refined texts and powerful vocals.



1. What you carried out
2. Bad Scene
3. Defuse the bomb inside your head
4. Empty Room
5. Better than me


What you carried out

I know you were getting tired of the whole thing
You told me once you spent all day awaiting the end
It makes no sense to live so long to end up alone
it’s as if everybodys forgotten what you’ve done

You can be proud of what you carried out
You may be gone
Memories never fade

Some heros wearing capes and pantyhose
Some work their asses off to stay afloat
If I was half the man you were
I’ll be standing here even prouder

Bad Scene

How was I suppose to know
About you dancing with the dark side
I see you sold your halo
Was the price worth the high

Face down on a table
The stench of coffee and regrets
Trying to connect the dots
Without getting upset

So tell me if you’re alright
Have you finally crossed the line
Whining till it makes you sick
How can you be fine ?

When did it all go wrong
Time to pull back the curtain
Face yourself for once

Tears in your eyes
You ask me again
To not stigmatize
But you won’t help yourself my friend

Will this bad scene
Last forever ?

Defuse the bomb inside your head

Show me the depth of your mind
turn on the light inside your head
Say the words you want to say
And I’ll pretend I understand

Still hook on your medication
Far from socialy accepted
There’s a junkie among the clouds
Feeling dizzy cause he’s afraid of heights

There’s no room for you there anyway

What am I suppose to do
Find a way to follow throught
I can’t help you
Got my own things to do
I cannot wait a week or two
Got plans without you

Defuse the bomb inside your head

Blame it on whatever you want
The real culprit will get away again

You are gone to me anyway

Empty Room

Time has passed
Time have changed
But we still chasing something more

A little older
A little more mature
We roll the dice one last time

Nothing will be headed on a silver platter
In the empty room the echo rings out longer
The sound strikes the opposing wall
And it comes right back to punch me in the face

Sleeping in a truck
In a dark parking lots
Promises and nothing more

What were we thinking
Try to run away
Something’s always better than nothing

The sound have changed in 15 years
But the songs remain the same
Give up the dream but never fear
All the song remain the same

Better than me

I’ll try my best to teach you everything
I learned along the way
But I might forget a thing or two

Use your head and not your strenght
Don’t let the world get you down
The best is always yet to come

Be better than me
Be better than me
The only thing I hope for
You’ll be better than me

Push away the old clichÈ
You’ll never get caught missing out
Surround yourself with people worth your time

Seek no reward keep working on
Everybody’s fighting for someone
Bad days come and go like the seasons



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